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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Pray For This Family

Frank J. got the following email from a reader:

I don't know if you've seen on Drudge the story about the young Catholic woman with brain cancer who's being kept alive until she can bring her baby to term. It's being slowly picked up by different MSM outlets. Jason Torres, her husband, went to high school with me, and his mom is a friend of my family's, so it's personal for me. He's had to quit his job to stay by her side. Their medical bills are about $7,500 a day and they're looking to at least mid-July before they can deliver the baby, assuming the cancer doesn't spread to her uterus. I was hoping maybe you could help spread the word through the blogosphere. Faith and Action have set up a fund to help with the medical costs, so it's all tax deductible and such. If you can help, that would be wonderful.

Check out the news article here and a donation page here. Please keep this family in your prayers, and Frank, I am sorry for so shamelessly stealing, but I think you said this very well and better than I could have.