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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Comments, Or Lack Thereof

Evenin' Folks,

It's been a long day full of sick calves, mowing lawns, and a graduation party I really didn't want to be at. First off, mowing the lawn, its like NASCAR, a couple of hours turning left, only much slower but just as boring. Moving on to the sick calves, well, rather one sick calf, but starting out by inferring there is more than one makes for a more intriguing read. Anyway, this one sick calf somehow got is leg screwed up kinda backwardsish so we first had to set the lag (which was no fun) then we had to stick it with a bloody big needle with I had a tough time with (needles scare the pinkytoe outa me). For you animal lovers out there it's gonna be fine, just a couple more sticks with the needle and makeing sure the leg sets and away we go. As for the gradation party, it sucked, I really don't want to say more about it.

On my last post Pam left a very nice comment about how she noticed that I don't get many...well...comments, very astute of her. Now I will say that I love comments just as much as the next guy, I smile and get rather happy when I check my comments and see someone left me a message (unless its mean, then I laugh). But even though I love comments I do not blog to recieve them so in a slight incentive for you to read my blog is there stuff the people that read this regularly, or not regularly, would like to see (I think my regulars are Chad, Erik, Eric, and Pam). Sorry if I missed anyone, I was going off of people that posted comments. So, yeah, ya kinda know about me, I think, what kind of stuff would you guys like to see?(that includes any qustions you might have of me, if I get enough I could do a FAQ to put in my about me section.) Or should I just keep going on as I am?

Also, I am looking into getting a digital camera because I seem some of the craziest things (and expect to see a ton more next fall) and I think some pictures would do this blog good.