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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

You Abuse It, You Lose It

I take out his weapons...Both of them.
--John Hartigan, Sin City

Maybe a number of legislators in the House in Minnesota saw Sin City and though Hartigan had a good point.

"Thousands of sex offenders would be imprisoned for life and some would be chemically or surgically castrated under a sweeping crime bill overwhelmingly approved Thursday by the House."

Now being a Christian and all I am supposed to forgive, but there are some things that I honestly have to say that with be being human and not being perfect, that I can not forgive, ever. This is one of them, I would have no remorse for people that get this done to them, you do something like that why should you get a second chance? Hey, Jeffrey Dahmer, when he went to prison the other prisoners murdered him themselves, no one likes rapists or child molesters. You abuse it, you lose it. Anyway, please give me some feedback, I think that some of my regular readers might agree with me, but I would like to hear from you even if you don't. You can catch the rest of the article here.