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Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Conversations That I Have

I had the following conversation over msn with a guy I know here at school. Now no matter if you think guys writing is poetry is fruity or not is not the point the point is that he does not realize what I am talking about. Let me know what you think, the guys and I laughed over this for about 10 minutes. Also, I changed the names in the convo just incase this gets around, I don't want to be too mean, I just thought the convo was funny. I am writing as -[Medic]- and he is writing as 4th floor(i changed that myself).

4th floor: hey
-[Medic]-: hey, whats up?
4th floor: writing haiku
-[Medic]-: isnt that kinda fruity?
4th floor: [pastes address]
-[Medic]-: still fruity
4th floor: no
4th floor: no, i wrote 7 and none of them have fruit in them
-[Medic]-:ummm, thats not what i ment by fruity
4th floor: ??
4th floor: what, now im confuzzled