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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Propaganda Belief...Update

Chad, this one is kinda for you since you enjoyed my last post like this. This letter was written and sent into our local newspaper, The Free Press, and from what I can tell it has every single bit of anti-Bush propaganda that has ever been released in the last five or six years. Check it out, this letter is property of The Free Press, a newspaper somewhere in Minnesota.


What a country. The land of individual opportunity.
If your name were Bush and your daddy were president, you could make &800,000 from insider trading and the Securities Exchange Commission would not investigate. Have influential family friends and you could join the Air National Guard and go to Alabama and not Vietnam. Have so-so grades and you could enter Yale because your daddy is am alum. If Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris were willing to illegally purge enough Democratic voters from the rolls, you could even become president yourself.
If you were asleep at the switch before 9/11, or if you privatized the state-run enterprises in Iraq, you got medals from the president. If you told big enough lies to the U.N. Security Council and expressed unconcern about the number of innocent civilians killed in Iraq, you could retire with honor as secretary of state. If you lied about mushroom clouds and al-Qaida connections, you got switched to secretary of state. If you grossly underestimated the troop levels necessary to invade and secure Iraq, the president would say you did a superb job.
If you denied responsibility for advice regarding the torturing of prisoners, you could become attorney general. If you condone the brutal activities of Central American death squads, you could become head of American intelligence. If you hated the United Nations and stated it publicly, you could become the U.S. ambassador to that body.
If you had enough political clout, you could undermine the House Ethics Committee and not be investigated.
The founding fathers must be proud.
Don x1x1x1x1
Printed in the Free Press 4/14/05