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Monday, April 11, 2005

Nation States

Well I have been participating in this game for quite a while and I find it very enjoyable, enjoyable enough to ask my semi-regular readers to join me in my endeavors of creating their ideal nation. Exactly what am I talking about you may ask, well, I am talking about Nation States, a free online nation simulation game where you get to control your nation and guide it into the nation that you think is best. For more information go here and check out the FAQ, it is really rather easy and lots of fun (playing and understanding the game that is, not reading the FAQ). As you browse the site I recommend staying far away from the forums as they are infested with liberal moonbat pinkytoes who are the least God fearing, most Bush hating, U.N. loving people I have ever had the poor chance to meet in my life. You have been warned.
Also on the subject of Nation States my friends and I have joined together and created an Alliance of nations (the full title is The Alliance of Like Minded States) and I would personally like you to go to our forums here and if you have created a nation precede to the Critical Information section in our forum, read the posts there, and submit an application to the email address provided. As a side (although rather important) note, I would like to say we take this very seriously and expect all the nations in the Alliance to behave like regular, normal, real life nations. This means no crazy names (a.k.a. caliisagooberstate) and participation in all Alliance functions as much as possible (this usually included chat room roleplaying in character as the leader of your nation). This is not to say we don't like to have fun (we hold parties every once and a while) but we are serious.
I hope this rather long message has not scared you people off and I hope to see some emails requesting admittance quite soon. If you have any questions you can email me personally using the email given in my blogger profile or leave a comment. Thank You.

Chancellor Mark Roberts
The Armed Republic of Manstrom