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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Minuteman Project

The Minuteman Project, led by Jim Gilchrist, kicked off last Wednesday and has been coined a success by most and a failure by the idiots living in the U.S. For those of you that don't know what the Minuteman Project is as follows taken from the Minuteman website itself:

The main mission of The Minuteman Project is to bring national attention to the fact that the U. S. Federal Government is not fulfilling its mission to protect American citizens from the economic and physical danger of porous borders. The majority of peace loving Americans are concerned about the ramifications of allowing massive amounts of unscreened, undocumented aliens to just walk right into our country. And of course the greatest fear that lurks in the dark corners of our minds is another 9-11 attack, or worse, a suit case bomb. The Minuteman Project plans rallies in support of the rank and file U.S. Border Patrol agents, protest rallies of blatantly unenforced federal immigration laws, and actively spotting and reporting anyone, of any race, color or creed, crossing into the US illegally. We will seal the border by our presence, but will not violate anyone's civil rights, and will not abuse anyone from any country. By legal means we will observe ILLEGAL immigrants on trails heading north. We will alert border patrol to the location of illegals, and wait for USBP to come and pick them up. We will follow illegal aliens from a distance and continue spotting them until authorities answer our cell phone and/or back-pack radio calls. All spotting, calls for assistance, and the response from the appropriate authorities will be chronicled and provided to any media representative. Standing, camping and patrolling at the border fence (four-strands of barb wire) we will be a presence that most illegals will not brush aside and pass by to enter the USA. We will be following the experienced lead of groups like Chris Simcox of Civil Home Defense. They have led to the arrest of over 5000 illegal aliens and led authorities to over 8000 pounds of drugs in the last 4 years.

The following articles sum up the Minuteman Project results quite well although there is an obvious disparity between the people who think it was effective and those who did not. On a more personal note I am a big fan of this and I think it is an excellent idea and I can say that I disagree with President Bush's statment that these people are vigelanties taking the law into their own hands. Personally (and I think many people agree with me) these people are just doing their civic duty when and where it is blatently obvious that the Border Patrol is not doing their job. I also want to say I have no problem with leagal immigrants, if your leagal, i love ya and support ya, but I can't stand that people are getting in out lovely country illegally and causing problems. So congratulations to Jim Gilchrist on what I believe was an extremely effective operation and I commend him and I say I wish I could have been there.

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