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Friday, April 08, 2005

Horse-Tail Thief On Loose in Wis.

I thought this was very entertaining. I found it on Joanna will prolly have a fit, but then again it is lots of fun to tease her. She is bloody obsessed about horses.

TOWN OF LEON, Wis. (AP) — Some horses in central Wisconsin may still be bright-eyed, but no longer bushy tailed.

Waushara and Portage county sheriff's departments are trying to figure out who is cutting off the tails of some horses.

Someone cut off parts of the same horse's tail about four times since January at Town of Leon, Waushara County Sheriff David Peterson said. And Portage County officials are investigating the theft of the tails of four show horses in the town of Eau Pleine.

The horses were not injured and no one has determined a motive.

In both counties, the owners described the horses as friendly, and all were in pastures when the crimes occurred.

The sheriff's office is offering a cash reward through Waushara County Crime Stoppers, Inc., to anyone who helps solve the case.

"We don't know if it's part of some kind of ritual. We have no idea what's going on," Peterson said.

Portage County sheriff's Detective Gina Boettcher said the culprits could be after horsehair that is sometimes used for making jewelry, watchbands, or belts.

"It's very expensive if you go to buy it," Boettcher said.