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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Brainwashing 101

For those of you who are in college currently or have already gone through college you may have been (and almost for sure) were berated with a leftist view throughout your time there. This view was probably presented by most of the students and professors, including the administration, and depending on your point of view made you sick or made you happy. As I currently go to a good conservative school I have no problems (well of the political type, my school has other issues) but my school is not the point of this post, a very good documentary is. This documentary was created by Evan Coyne Maloney and in this documentary he visits a few schools around the U.S. to investigate the inproperity that has been going on in our colleges including, but not limited to, hateful emails towards students which the administration ignores, including death threats, hearings against students for placing up flyers for campus events, which sometimes lead to court hearings, and others. This documentary, which can be downloaded here, just reaffirmed the sorry state of our colleges and makes me wish even more that my current college had the major I want. But anyway, this is an excellent, eye opening documentary that you chould watch. It is about 45 minitues so make sure you have the time to watch it in one sitting.

Hat tip to Chad at Pass The Ammo ( for directing me to this by posting a comment in Erik's blog, Cal Poly Pundit (