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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Apparently Not Everyone Likes Me

Got my first not so nice comment today at around 8"45AM. It really is not that mean compared to ones that other people get, like compared to what Michelle Malkin gets this is a compliment, but it's nice to know I am loved out there in the world. :)

Man I have red some drible. How can you start an illegal war and get away with it. Cos ignorant rednecks like yourself put nutters like Bush in office. Stop beleving your own propaganda. I have lived in the middle east over ten years I even married a local, you guys started this mess, now you have to clean it up. God help those poor families whos sons and daughters lay down their lives for nothing. When will you learn you have created another Nam, yes when the body count gets to 10,000 and decent Amercian familys say enough is enough . Remember it was Donald Rumseld who put Sadam In power, It was your govt that suppled him with weapons that are now killing your own people. You guys are gun crazy. Give peace a chance. Nice layout of web site though Cheers John

Now isn't that nice, well I love you too John. Also for those of you who may have noticed the other John that sometimes posts on my blog that's a differnet guy, the other John that post's is across the hall from me. The not so nice guy from above apparently live in Cali (wow, dont you just love ip locators?).