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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Thats like, totally hitler!!

Theres a new phrase in town, START USING IT. See this exeprt from RightWingDuck:

Ted turner recently compared Fox news to Hitler?

What is this - some new way of gauging popularity? Am I getting old?

“Sweeheart, you’re a teenager, how do you like these pants?”
“Cooler than Hitler dad.”
“Thanks Sweetie.”

Are we going to start seeing TV commercials with this?

“The new BMW 700 series – Not your neighbors Mussolini!”

Yes, "thats so hitler" is our new catch phrase, that and also any other variations of the phrase. Anyway, later, prolly sometime tomarrow, I will have the 'updated' version of Bush's State of the Union Speech, its gonna be totally hitler, be sure to check it out.