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Friday, February 25, 2005

Security Beneath The Nurturing Warmth Of The Iron Curtain

First off, I am not Commie. I am just using that title to relate to what I am going to post about. As some of you may know I do read blogs from "the other side" (a.ka. liberals, commies, french, etc) because I like to know how the other side thinks (or tries to). Over at BlameBush today Larry has this rather interesting post about our swaggering president. As much as I like Bush that is not what this post is about. I would like to comment on the following excerpt.

Nevertheless, it's a hard pill to swallow for those who still remember when the Nazis swaggered across Europe, flustering millions of Frenchmen and leading to the great Smelling Salt Shortage of 1941. Ronald Reagan's swaggering during the dark ages of the 1980's is still bad memory for the gentle, peace-loving quisling peoples who found security beneath the nurturing warmth of the Iron Curtain.

I am thinking maybe that Larry needs to read a history book or maybe even talk to some people from the Ukraine about the atrocities committed there. Due to the fact that he prolly will not do that the following links may help him out although they are not very extensive and only give a small picture of Soviet Russia.

Revelations From The Russian Archives
Repression & Terror: Stalin In Control
Repression & Terror: Kirov Murder & Purges
Secret Police
Anti-religious Campaigns
The Gulag (also from Wikkipedia the Gulag Article)