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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

News From Minnesota

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Clueless Robber Gets No Respect

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

So much money, so few hands — or brains.

A Minneapolis man allegedly tried to rob a grocery store last month, but tripped himself up when he put his gun on the counter so he could scoop up the cash.

The store clerk lost no time in grabbing the gun himself, and chased the gunman out of the store, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Police say Dantzler L. Thomas, 24, walked into a Chinese grocery in the early evening of Jan. 25, mask on and gun drawn.

Things went well for the alleged robber, until he had to hold his money sack — in this case, a white plastic shopping bag with a smiley face on it — with one hand and take money out of the till with the other.

So he put the gun down on the counter. Duh.

The clerk, no fool, picked it up, pointed it at Thomas and told him to leave. He did.

A few minutes later, apparently wanting to at least come out even, Thomas allegedly returned, mask still on, and demanded his weapon back.

The clerk refused, and he now had backup — his cousin, who scuffled with the unarmed Thomas until Thomas' mask fell off and he fled again.

Two cops saw Thomas get into a car and drive away, and a license search led them to a residence six hours later.

In front of the house was Thomas' car, and in the back seat of the car was a glove matching one dropped at the Chinese grocery.

They knocked on the door. Thomas opened it himself. He was charged with first-degree aggravated robbery.