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Monday, February 21, 2005

Incoherent Irrational Hate Can Mean One Of Two Things...

either you are doing a really great job or you are a horrible evil person. Although this can apply to everyone I would like to discuss this as it pertains to President Bush. As you may have noticed the liberal's have a incoherent irrational hate of him that is unexpressable in words and can only be expressed by angry protests and mad garbled yelling and screaming. This can be evidenced at pretty much any post on the Democratic Underground Forums (not safe for children) and also in lots of political chat rooms. Now with all this hate flying around like SARS in Asia you would think that Bush must really be the devil incarnate or something but I would like to raise another, more happy, possibility. What if Bush is just doing a really good job and they can't stand the fact that they have been proven wrong about Iraq being a quagmire and whatever else they moan on about. Ok, first, "elections in Afghanistan won't work", they did work, then "elections in Iraq won't work", they did work, and then in between that they said "Bush won't get elected" (really they mean reelected they just don't know about prefixes), guess what, he did get reelected. Ummm...I kinda forgot what all I was going to say, and Im tired, I will update this tomorrow...stay tuned.

Update: Good morning people, wow, I was tired last night, I shouldn't blog when Im tired, things I type don;t make sense to me. Yeah, so, the point I was trying to make above is that Bush must be doing a really good job for people to hate him so much. Either that or he is evil and 51% of the American population is stupid and can't figure that out.