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Thursday, February 03, 2005

French Government Pays $4.2 Million For Dead Hedgehog

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The World's Most Expensive Hedgehog

MARSEILLE, France (AP) — Most people wouldn't pay 10 cents for a dead hedgehog. The French government has shelled out over $4 million.

On March 22, 1998, the hedgehog's carcass was lying at the end of a runway at the airport in the southern city of Marseille (search), attracting about 20 seagulls that were picking at it.

Soon an Air France Airbus A320 (search) roared past and the plane's right engine sucked in the flock of hapless birds, causing the plane to skid to an emergency stop. The engine was damaged.

A court in Marseille ruled Tuesday that the French government was responsible for keeping the runways clear of such perils and that its staff at the airport should have noticed "such a large group of birds" in the path of the jet.

It ordered the government to pay $4.2 million to Air France (search) and five insurance companies that had paid out after the accident.
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Wow, just wow, that's really funny.