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Monday, February 14, 2005

Check Your SS

No, not your Schutzstaffeln, check your Social Security. You can click on the link below and " Enter your age and gender to calculate what an American worker of your same age and gender can expect to receive from Social Security." is what the FAQ describes the Social Security Calculator as. It then also tells you what you would get as a return if you invested your SS taxes into a Personal Retirement Account. Let's support this people, not only do you get more benefits when you finally retire, you are getting benefits from money you earned, not being dependent on some other goober to (hopefully) work and put money in the system for you, I much prefer to be in control of my own retirement thank you. On a similar note go over and read this article on SS by Kim DuToit's wife, it is very informative.

So, check out your SI, Social Insecurity.

That "Insufficient Funds" takes my back to the days of playing Command & Conquer (yes, all of them, I am a geek) where that hot chick voice would inform you that you had "Insufficient Funds" to finish building whatever cool machine of death you were building and that you were out of cash. Well, although Bush does not have a "hot chick" voice my head still snaps over and looks at that ever dwindling funds bucket as I scramble to have the always envious "Sufficient Funds".

UPDATE: FoxNews has a nice update with some good explaining of Bush's new idea.