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Friday, February 04, 2005

Adopt A Sniper

I just found this website called Adopt A Sniper. It is a website for a grassroots campaign started by Brian Sain, a former SWAT member, that takes donations so that his organization can buy equipment desperately needed by snipers in Iraq, Afghanistan, and places not named for security reasons. FAQ's are located here, a flash movie is here (this is really cool), and an article by CNN about a university shutting down fundraiser by some Republican students who set up a booth for Adopt A Sniper is located here and also at Michelle Malkin's blog here and here. The university would get a retarded sticker but I don't want to sully this post with something like that so I will just say "shame on you Marquette University" and I want to let all our troops out there that I support you guys, keep it up.