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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Wrongness of it All Pt. 2

Earlier I posted about some wacky protestors at the Inauguration. This time I am going to post about idiot college kids who are using their rights against a man who gave them those rights. Many of you may have heard about the incident at Seattle Centeral Community College where a number of college students left classes to protest Bush's inauguration and to 'talk' with the Army Recruiter that was there that day. The students yelled for the recruiter ( Sgt. 1st Class Jeff Due) to leave the campus after a 10 minute stand off that included ripping up U.S. Army literature. I found this purely un acceptable and I would urge you to email Sgt. 1st Class Jeff Due and tell him of your support. Below is a picture of those a**hole students and Due.