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Monday, January 24, 2005

"Support Our Troops" Under Fire

I sadly have to say that I do not own a "Support Our Troops" sticker, magnet, or poster. But I am going to go but one, or two, or three. This realization that I don't have one was rubbed in my face when this goober did a post bashing the stickers, our troops, and the war. A quote:

"If the war is unjust, as I believe it is, Bush’s remarks exploit the sacrifices of the dead while the ribbon decals further exploit those young soldiers still stationed in Iraq by invoking their peril to stifle opposition to a war in which they will remain embroiled. The decals don’t support our troops but unnecessarily endanger them by seeking to prolong an unjust war."

Thats just not cool at all, even if you don't support the war, which I think it's very odd not to, you should at least support our troops who are out there and laying their life on the line to keep us safe.

Also check out this post by Michelle that pertains to this post, she always has good quality posts, I want to be like her when I grow up.