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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Republicans in '08?

I know it is a bit early to think of what Republicans are going to run in'08 (well, not really, politics is like sports for me) but I took some time to run around the internet and see who might be running (ok, really, I got the list here).

NOTE: The following list of people is tenative and in no way concrete.

George Allen (Senator - Virginia - R)
Sam Brownback (Senator - Kansas - R)
Dick Cheney (Current VP - R)
Bob Erlich (Governor - Maryland - R)
Ernie Fletcher (House Rep - Kentucky -R)
Bill Frist (Senator - Tennessee - R)
Newt Gingrich (Speaker of the House - Georgia? - R)
Rudy Giuliani (Former Mayor - New York - R?)
Chuck Hagel (Senator - Nebraska - R)
John McCain (Senator - Arizona - R)
Bill Owens (Governor - Colorado - R)
George Pataki (Mayor - New York - R)
Tim Pawlenty (Governor - Minnesota - R)
Condoleeza Rice (Secretary of State - R)
Tom Ridge (Former Director of Homeland Security - R)
Mitt Romney (Governor - Massachusetts - R)
Mark Stanford (Governor - South Carolina - R)
Rick Santorum (Senator - Pennsylvania - R)
Tom Tancredo (House Rep - Colorado - R)
Mike Pence (House Rep - Indiana - R)
Peter Fitzgerald (Former Senator - Illinois - R)
Pat Toomey (House Rep - Pennsylvania - R)

Now I don't know who all these people are, feel free to fill me in with comments. I heard the Jeb Bush is not running so he is out, that's not cool. With this list the people I would vote for would be(in no certain order):

Sam Brownback
Tim Pawlenty
Bill Frist
Rick Santorum

Well, I thought I would have more, but as I read up on people and saw stuff they just started dropping like flies. Some of these people didn't have enough experience, some are pro-choice, and other problems. But we have four years, this is just a post on it because it has been lunch room discussion lately.