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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Fly Me To The Moon

You know how the Europeans are always looking down on us Über cool Americans? They do, all the time, they use evil (evil to them, a compliment to us) words like "cowboy" and "unilateral action", but most recently, they want to go to the moon, that's right, they want to go to the moon. Apparently the missed the press conference of our successful moon landing in 1969. Now, the article I read said they want to get there by 2030, there is something wrong with that. Mainly that we already did it, but also that they plan on taking 28 years to do something now that we did 8 decades ago (with them supposedly being better than us and they having more technology now then we did then, don't you think they could do it in considerably less time?). I though so, but then I remembered that they are Europeans and anything they can do we can do sooner and better. Of course I don't think that they will even get close to the moon because not only does the U.S. military have a base up there already, we have designated it a U.S. only fly zone (see picture below) and any foreign spacecraft entering that area will be shot down, National Security don't ya know. I hear the marines run things up there so I would not expect any survivors or even any indication that there was an attack, the nice people from the ESA would just never return....