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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Elektra Movie Review (and the adventure that went along with it)

I went to see Elektra on Friday evening. I am going to review it, but first, the story of getting to the theater. Ok, so SPQR (read my comments sections if you don't know who he is), John, Phil, and myself are all looking forward to see Elektra John has some silly singing thing that runs till 915 but hes gonna get out at 10 to 9 so he can go with us. Now, the first event of the night, we need a car. Phil has one, but its kinda dead, its so cold it will not start. So, because of this we decide that we are going to call security and have them arrest Phil, er, I mean, jump Phil's car. So, Brian (best security guy we have) comes in the uber souped up security car (not really) and pulls out the jumper cables, gripes about the cold, and jumps Phil's car. As he packs up he reminds us (as if we need reminding, we are bloody geniuses) to let the car run. Now, its about -15 F out there, there is no way we are going to sit out there and actually watch the car. We go back to the dorm and play a couple rounds of pool, it was fun, go back out, the car is dead. SPQR and I are laughing, Phil is cranky, and we don't have a car. The movie theater is across town, no way we are going to walk. Phil goes "lets call Brian again" SPQR and I don't want any of that embarrassment so we go back inside and Phil calls Brian again and they still can't get it started. Time to call a cab. John makes it away from girly singing time and we all pile into the cab driven by the world's most untalkative cab driver in the world, he said five words, when we paid him. Anyway, we get to the theater, WRONG THEATER. I got the theater wrong, they don't even have Elektra here, lets just say I will never live that one down.
So, it is now 9:05 and the theater that is playing Elektra is across town from this theater. We spend about 8 minutes figuring out how to work the stupid payphone and call the cab company again, get a slightly more talkative cab driver, and make it to the other theater at 9:30 (about 5 minutes late because of the previews) and ask for tickets to Elektra, lucky us, the movie starts at 10, not 9 (I still have no clue what theater times I was looking at) and we get into the movie. Review time.

Elektra Summary (yahoo movies)
Following the events of Daredevil, Elektra Natchios (Garner), sai enthusiast and assassin for hire, is revived by the Order of the Hand, a group of assassins who helped train her. Assigned by the Hand's current leader, Kirigi, to kill a man, Mark Miller (Visnjic), and his 13-year-old daughter, Abby, Elektra soon befriends them and decides to stand up to her ninja peers. Elektra is especially motivated to do so when she discovers that Miller's grandfather was an ally of her former mentor, Stick (Stamp). Together, they must take on Kirigi's lethal quartet (which includes Tengu and Typhoid).

I will say right now that this was a good movie, not excellent, but good. I would not have gone to see this in theaters if Jennifer Garner was not in it (as I am a big Alias fan, I live her), and personally I think she made the movie. The action scenes that were there were good and the actors worked well together I thought. There were a few slow sections of the movie, but I got over it quickly. The thing I liked least about the movie (and its not really a big deal either) is that girls silly bracelet weapon thing, it kinda reminded me of the comb is Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon). Anyway, overall, a good movie with some problems that don't detract too much. I give it an A-.

So, with the movie over and the temperature still being at least -15 we decide we are way too cheap to pay for yet another cab. Then we have a great idea, lets walk back. It was cold, everything was covered with ice, and it was dark. We had a blast, I fell down at least 2 times and we just flew down the hills, crazy. When we got back everyone thought we were crazy, but we had a great time, all topped off with hot chocolate.