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Monday, January 24, 2005

The it again

Well, the brain trust over at the Democratic Underground are at it again. Some genius over there started the thread "Are you proud of our troops?" and of course the replys flooded in. Now, don't get all mad right away, there were some DUers who said that they were proud of our troops thing (they used the support our troops not the war slogan). Not that that's perfect but it is a whole lot better than some of the other replys, it makes me wanna wonder what exactly they are smoking over there.

"i could never be proud of our troops in Iraq or Viet Nam for that matter. I felt sorry for them, but not proud of them."

"blasting Iraqis for no reason. Frankly, some of them should be in jail for life....they are simply paid sadists."

"Proud of them? Hardly."

"It's a great thing to serve your country, it's damn shame when the country doesn't respect that service by throwing the troops into an illegal situation that gets them killed for lies."

"I am not proud for their slaughter BUT....I do forgive them. They have been put in an untenable situation by this murderous administration. They are killing for what?? Freedom... No! Democracy?.. No! They have no clue why they are there. Extremely heartbreakingly SAD."

"Im proud of the guy refusing to go back to Iraq."

"I am patiently waiting for them to get a CLUE and realize they and their Iraqi victims are being abominably ABUSED by SCUM who mean NO ONE GOOD. When they pack their bags, DEMAND TRANSPORT OUTTA THAT HELLHOLE the Ɯberreich have USED them to create and leave their weapons on the tarmac as they wave goodbye, I will be PROUD of them."

Anyway, there was much more of that junk in that post, I actually read the whole thing, no clue why I did, I kinda wish I didnt. Sometimes I wonder how people can think like that, it just makes no sense to me.