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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Do Some Peoples Brains Really Work Like This?

Ok, I was reading the forums for a game the guys and I play, Nations States and came across the following post(The post is in italics, my responses in bold.

Let’s look at things from a rational point of view, shall we? There is not one nation on the Earth today that is being run properly. If you ask the citizens of any country they will undoubtedly have numerous complaints about the direction their country is headed in. Think about it. Not one single country is being run effectively. What does this say about the human race in general? We are awful at governing ourselves. Democracies in particular seem especially inept at getting anything productive done. They just can’t seem to get anything right.

Lets look at paragraph number one. I will give him that many of the nations of today (or ever) are run in the most effective manner. Now I will say that I am slightly biased in that I think that even though America is not run perfectly I would not want to live anywhere else. Once I turn 21 there is nothing that I can't do that I would ever want to do. We have that freedom, it's a good thing. Yes, humans suck at governing themsleves, its called sin, we mess up all the time, we are NOT perfect, thats life, deal with it. Democracies seem especially inept at getting things done? Are you sure you are not talking about the United nations? Democracy is great, but you really have to remember that no one is perfect.

I believe it’s high time for the dreaded New World Order to take its place. I know that most people have a fear of a one world government, but that fear is irrational. A one world government would be able to maintain peace and stability in a way that we can only dream of in today’s world. Just take a look at the movie “Equilibrium.” That world was one of perpetual peace until a bunch of rebels screwed everything up. One world governments are not the evil entities that everyone makes them out to be. It seems to me, in fact, that it is the only way to achieve what should be mankind’s ultimate goal: utopia.

The New World Order, thats not gonna work. Practically it's not gonna work, kinda like Communism, for a number of reasons. One, there are so many cultures and beliefs and ideas out there that are so different that there is no way the whole world could be controlled by one government. Two, you think government is big and bulky and slow and innefficent now? Think about how bad it would be if one government tried to run the whole world. Now, on to my favorite part, I love the movie "Equilibrium" it's better than the Matrix in my opinion. But how can you say that the society that they had of "perpetual peace" was good? Did you notice that that had regularly scheduled times where they shot themselves up with drugs to they had zip, zero, nill in the emotion department. That's not the way life is ment to be, as it was said in the movie "Without love life is just a clock ticking." Not cool. The rebels in the movie were not screwing things up, they realized that emotion and feelings are a nessarry part of humans and without that it's not really life.

Of course, some radical measures would have to be taken. Democracy is out the window, since we obviously can’t handle that responsibility. I imagine there would have to be mass exterminations somewhere along the line. I know, I know, that’s horrible of me to say. Trust me, I’m Jewish, I know all about genocide and the horrors it causes. But I’m not talking about genocide. I’m talking about weeding out the bad parts of humankind. The lazy, the weak, the meek, the corrupt, the bad, the downright evil. These people are incorrigible, that at least should be clear. The easiest solution would be to remove them from society in the most final way possible.

Ok, let me get this straight, "I imagine there would have to me mass exterminations somewhere along the line." then just a sentence or two later "But I'm not talking about genocide. I'm talking about weeding out the bad parts of humankind." Let me ask something, who is going to make that decision? Who gets to decide what the "bad parts of humankind" are? I can tell you right now I don't want that job, I don't think anyone would want that job. Even if someone started out with the best intentions and was careful about who got, er, "weeded out" and who didn't let me tell you, eventually, and prolly pretty quick, it's gonna get out of hand. Now I can't say I know what the Jew's went through, or even that I knew any Jewish people, but maybe you should join Price Harry on his little field trip to Germany just to make sure you know what you are talking about. All Hitler wanted to do was "weed out the bad parts of humankind", there is NO excuse, ever, for something like that to happen, period.

We also need some serious wealth redistribution because, let’s be honest, capitalism has really screwed over the little guy. Communism has been proven to work, contrary to popular belief, and it would certainly be the most fair means by which to order society. Why should Juanita Gonzalez or Dwayne Blackson be stuck living in a shithole in the slums of LA just because they works as gas station attendants? That is by no means fair, my friends, and a one world government that was based on communism would certainly prevent something like that from happening. It would also help them take care of however many children they had. An additional bonus to communism is food distribution, which would help alleviate the massive food shortages that our current governments seem unwilling or unable to prevent.

First off, Life Is Not Fair. I would also like some examples of Communism working, honestly, I really don't see any. Please, do not say China or Cuba or something like that, just because a government is in place does not mean that it works. Actually I already explained to someone why Communism will not work, ever. For one, this is not a perfect world, we have both lazy and hard working people, people with many skills, and people with none. With this variety of people there is no way they all deserve the same reward for the work they do, besides, why should someone who is lazy and works three hours a day get paid the same as a hard working person who worked a twelve hour day and improved the efficiency of an aspect of the company, answer, they shouldn't. Now if the world was perfect, communism would work, but its not and thus it will not work.

Lastly, but certainly not least, the complete removal of religion would be imperative. Let’s face it, religion has done jack squat for the human race ever since Jesus claimed to be the Son of God and started the religion that caused millions of death. And let’s not forget that other religion that caused millions of deaths, Islam, the scourge of humanity. By forcibly removing religion from the lives of humans, it would force us all to face reality instead of living in our current fantasy land, where we believe good works will lead to eternal life in Heaven. Sorry my friends, but that just ain’t happening. All religion manages to do is divide us all. Just look at all the wars that have started because of religion. All of this blood is on God’s hands, and just like the surplus population, we will have to expunge God from the world.

All I am going to say about this is that you can have my religion when you pry it from my cold dead fingers and you will be hard pressed to get it even then.

Please take some time to carefully consider my points. I believe they are valid and, if they are followed, will lead to a better world for all of mankind. I'm sorry I'm going to sleep soon, so I won't be able to discuss this until tomorrow. Thank you, and God bless.

I think I pretty well cleaned your clock regarding your “points” and their validity. I almost wish you had not brought this up at all but I have enjoyed refuting your “points” and it gave me something to do so, Thank You. But I have just one question, in the paragraph before you advocate the removal of religion but you end with a God Bless, I am confused, you can't have it both ways. Also, ninjas, monkeys, and the french are evil.