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Monday, January 24, 2005

A Couple of WARNING Posts

WARNING: Some material in this post may not be suitable for liberals, childern, or the french.

This paragraph gets a wraning due to language in Kim's report and unabast liberal gibberish in the good senator's report.
Apparently liberals are more suseptable to the influences of movies. A report from a senator of Maine tries to tell us that we are all going to be killed by global warming (apparently the senator just got done watching The Day After Tomarrow). Also unconfirmed reports from our gun toting South African born American by blood friend Kim Du Toit (I am not quite sure about his name, but 'his people' assure me that he is not friendly with the french) indicate that Bambi and Bowling for Columbine also influence Senator Snowe's synapses.

This paragraph is unsuitable for a number of people I know including my family (seriously, DO NOT click that link) and Renee who I suppose is going to click it just because I said I shouldn't. Also, Joscelin, no clicky.
The crazy wackos over at Apple apparently have created the next best thing in portable devices the iporn Portable HDD(highlight to read). Click here to check it out.