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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Bacon, Bacon, Bacon!!!!!

I love everything about bacon. I love the taste of bacon, I love how it is really not al that good for you and yet I still eat it, I love that it comes from an animal and not a plant, and so on, but most of all I love the smell of bacon as its frying on the stove. I also happen to like when Michael Moore (who could probably provide the world with bacon for many many years to come) is thrown on the fire when his bodyguard is arrested for carrying an unlicensed gun. I think that this deserves a retarded sticker, come on, you say again and again that guns are evil and then your bodyguard gets arrested for having an unlicensed gun? There is something wrong with that, read the article here.

Retarded Sticker:

UPDATE: Apparently this report was wrong, sorry, but still funny.