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Monday, December 20, 2004

France: Stomping on religion...again.

For those of you not aware the country of France (hereafter referred to as cheese eating surrender monkeys or those smelly cowards who think they are important but really are not) has a national ban on religious symbols in school. Now if that sounds like a good idea to you I think you need a beating with the Clue Bat™. But wait, if you keep reading now I will throw in another news bit, the smelly cowards who think they are really important but really are not are stomping religion again, thats right, again. Someone needs to beat the french with a Clue Bat™, now they won't let kids eat chocolate because they have crosses on them. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID. The article is posted below, courtesy of the BBC.

Saintly chocs hit by French ban
Children in north-east France will be deprived of a traditional chocolate treat this winter, under the country's ban on religious symbols in schools.

The chocolate figures, depicting St Nicholas, were recalled from the area's schools after a teacher noticed large crosses on them, banned under the law. The mainly Flemish region celebrates the saint's day on 6 December by delivering the chocolates to schools. The law, which also bans Islamic headscarves, took effect in September. The discovery was made when a primary school teacher unwrapped the chocolates, and all 1,300 figures were recalled. But the incident angered the mayor of Coudekerque-Branche, where the row occurred over the saint, also known as Santa Claus. "The teachers didn't have to touch anything," he said, quoted by AFP news agency. "St Nicholas was a bishop, he is always portrayed with his cross and missal." But he added that once the chocolates had been opened they were a health risk and could not be sent back. The council was forced to replace the figures with "nice round sweets and chocolate bars", Le Figaro newspaper said.