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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Buy mean...Buy Red.

I just found this website called Buy Blue that encourages Democrats to buy from certain companies due to how much they contribute to the Democratic Campaigns. Now the Democrats, in a supprising turn of events for themselves, who run the site have shown both sides of the issue, a.k.a. they also show the companies that support Republicans, isn't that neat? So, go here and see which companies support which party and do your best to support the Republican sided ones. But if you can't, you can't, for example, I buy from Borders and Barnes and Noble, who both fund the Democrats and because I like my books I cant really help it, oh well. I would say that the thing that gets me the most is that Netflix supports the Dems, but I spose no one is perfect. I just thought people would find this interesting, have a good day.

update: Courtesy of Little Green Footballs I would like to note the site Chose the Blue which does the same thing as Buy Blue and remember kids, never forget about the Christ in Christmas.

p.s. Confederate Yankee had an excellent idea to download the printer friendly version of their page before they realize what they have up there and take it down.