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Friday, December 03, 2004

Alias updates are popular tonight

J.J. Abrams had the following to say about Alias season 4.

(mild spoilers)

"I couldn't tell you what the world thought of Sydney Bristow last year, and that was the biggest problem. So, this year, we're immediately going back to that great counterpoint of seeing her in her personal life. It doesn't mean we'll go back to exactly what the Will and Francie characters brought to the show, but it does mean we will get to see her as a person. I mean, Sydney in jeans or sweatpants is the real Sydney." "I plan on having Bradley Cooper come back." "For how many [episodes], I'm not sure yet. We've also discussed various things with Merrin Dungey, and I know she's on her own show now, too, so that would be another issue, but I would love to have Merrin back as well." JJ said that when Sark does come back, you can expect it will be for something big. "I think I'll be back for five or six episodes," Greg Grunberg told me at the ABC party. "They have a great storyline for me, something that leads to my demise, but not my ultimate demise. It'll be something like [when] I went and got shot in the neck, but something much more interesting and really cool. They're doing some great stuff." "The producer told me that I'm definitely going to go on a bunch of missions this year, so I'm excited about that," said Kevin Weisman, who plays Marshall J. Flinkman. "And I think the show is going to loosen up its proverbial tie, so to speak. Even with Marshall, I had a conversation with the wardrobe costume designer, and we're just gonna bring back that fun a little bit." "I think that people who were fans of Sydney and Vaughn will be happy to see that the relationship has some hope again," JJ told me. "I won't say it's all smooth sailing, and I won't say it's immediate, but I'll say that it's something that clearly from the beginning is one of the things you're rooting for on the show. For those who didn't quite think that they clicked in a way, I think they'll also be happy because neither character is quite the same person they were two years ago, and that has a profound affect on their relationship."

Found on ABC message boards.