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Monday, November 08, 2004

Sad But True

If Kerry had won would you have killed yourself over it? Personally I think that is a bit extreme but sadly a man found dead at Ground Zero yesterday with a shotgun wound to the head apparently disagreed. As tragic as this is overall I think an extreme lack of judgment and common sense was missing. You can read about the incident here and here. Now I will give you that this guy killing himself is really too bad but I just don't understand how you can be that broken up about an election especially when you have a girl in your life and you are planning to get married within any amount of time, as this guy did. I took thins quote from the article:

"I told his mother there are some people so sensitive and intelligent and passionate they don't belong in the world the way it is today," she said.

"And if this was something he had to do, it was heroic that he chose the World Trade Center."

This just does not seem right to me, for one this guy was not sensitive to anyone other than himself because he killed himself when he had a family and a fiancee that cared about him and I also don't understand how it was heroic, 3021 people already died there in a terrorist attack, this guy blew his own head off, I fail to see the similarities. I will give that the guy had passion though, it takes conviction to blow your own head off with a shotty.
Even though this guy was stupid in doing this I do feel for his family so please extend your thought to them and mention them in your prayers, they lost someone they loved.