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Monday, November 29, 2004

The Reunification of Earth

One of my friends, who happens to live just down the hall from me, right next door in fact, wrote this poem that was inspired by the conflict in the Middle East. I will paste it in whole just below but you can also read it and other writings he has done (along with his artwork) here.

'The Reunification of Earth (A Poem)'

*A tribute to the men and women who have fallen in battle to preserve our freedom*

Without a sound, that fateful day,
A menace came from far away-
From galaxies unknown.
Their weapons would with vile grace
Destroy our world, our human race
And take it for their own.

The creatures came, with fire blazing,
Intent on every city razing,
And drove us into caves.
The Arab in the desert land,
And white and black joined hand-in-hand;
We would not be slaves!

The bonds of hatred quick were broken,
Pray’rs of peace and love were spoken;
Our time would come, but when?
Let not puny wars divide us;
Let this sentence firm unite us-
We are all free men!

The peoples with determination,
Saw their own extermination,
And fought with valor red.
And those that sought to kill us all,
Learned that pride precedes the fall;
Our foes fell cold and dead.

Oh day of joy- be gone with sorrow!
The war is won, and on the morrow
The morning sun shall rise!
No more can they our hearts oppress,
No more are nations in distress;
But flames still cloud the skies.

So let us not in our rejoicing
Forget the men, who, freedom voicing,
Fell burning from the skies.
There was a price, and dearly paid;
Our loved ones in the ashes lay,
And still are heard their cries...
© Jonathan Mayer. All rights reserved!