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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Real World©: Sadly, the devil is in the works

Reading over FoxNews this morning and I found this article. An excerpt follows:

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Maryland public school students are free to thank anyone they want while learning about the 17th century celebration of Thanksgiving (search) — as long as it's not God.

And that is how it should be, administrators say.

Young students across the state read stories about the Pilgrims (search) and Native Americans, simulate Mayflower (search) voyages, hold mock feasts and learn about the famous meal that temporarily allied two very different groups.

But what teachers don't mention when they describe the feast is that the Pilgrims not only thanked the Native Americans for their peaceful three-day indulgence, but repeatedly thanked God.

"We teach about Thanksgiving from a purely historical perspective, not from a religious perspective," said Charles Ridgell, St. Mary's County Public Schools curriculum and instruction director.

School administrators statewide agree, saying religion never coincides with how they teach Thanksgiving to students.

Now, I will admit that I went to a public school from grade school through high school, and I will admit that it was a good experience, in a way. The only way that public school is good is that it shows you right up front the sinful, ungodliness of society, it showed me everything that I never wanted to be. Now I go to a Christian college, and all is good. Of course next year I am going back into the mob of liberal hippies and druggie, sex crazed pagans so that I can get my Computer Science major and go into the FBI. Anything you want to donate to my cause I will gladly accept, but do me a favor and pray for me. So, back to the actual article, that is so WRONG. Funny, don't have anything more to rant about, spent it all on my school experience. Also check out Kim Du Toit's post on his experience with public schools, it will make you want to take a shower to clean all the grime off yourself.