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Monday, November 15, 2004

Post Election Selection Trauma (aka Having Trouble Dealing With The Real World©)

Apparently for some people the Real World© is a scary thing. The Real World© is full of Real Things. Real Things like terrorists, communists, and hippies, and above all Real People who will combat those Real Threats (in the case of hippies a Real Annoyance). One of those Real People is George W. Bush, who just got RE-elected by the way, and that also happens to be the whole point of this post. Just like some people can not handle the Real World© some people can not handle the Real Truth (also known as Real Things) coming to the point of this post is a new *cough* medical trauma *cough* of people not being able to handle the RE-election of George W. Bush. I think that this is crazy, Post Election Selection Trauma (strangely abbreviated PEST) apparently is some people's inability to deal with the election results. Head's up people, you win some you lose some, and when you lose you gotta get up, dust off your cowboy hat, and forge on as best you can with what you have to work with. The article is located here.

Welcome to the Real World©.