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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

John Kerry, he's still flip-waffling

Fox News recently interviewed John Kerry, his first interview since his defeat in the 2004 elections, and asked him about the possibility that he would run in 2008. He responded with the following comment:

"It is so premature to be thinking about something that far down the road. What I've said is I'm not opening any doors, I'm not shutting any doors."

To some people, and prolly to himself it sounds like he is keeping his options open, but to me it sounds like he is keeping with his tradition (almost the only thing that he is and ever was consistent on) of flip-waffling alive and well.

On a side note I find that really funny because after the election I thought that there would be no reason to make fun of Kerry, well I guess he plans on still being around so I guess I have a reason, not that much of one was needed in the first place.