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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Insanely Boring Introduction Post

As this is the first post in my new blog, same address as before, I just deleted my other posts because I wanted to start fresh, I am going to throw in some sort of introduction of myself so you can know who I am before you decide to read this blog. Really I just want to save you some time so that if you will not have to read my posts and then decide you didn't like what I had to say and how much of a waste of time that was (even though I hope that is not the case). Anyway, I am going to school for networking and system administrator and I currently reside in the state of Minnesota, although Wisconsin will always be better because that it where I grew up. I am a strong Christian and strong Republican and even though I have no problem with anyone who wants to read this blog with different viewpoints remember that you just might not like everything I write. On that same vein I am a direct and blunt person, I say things how they are and I don't tiptoe around anything or worry about offending people, but that does not mean that I am not a nice guy and I will attempt to keep an open mind on most things, I promise. Anything else any of you want to know post in the comments and I will put an answer there, and please, no swearing. I will remove comments as I see fit with no discussion if I deem them inappropriate, if you really feel your comment should not have been removed let me know and the ARI Blog board will take it into consideration.

Thank You,