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Monday, November 22, 2004

I elected a cowboy, and I am proud of it

The folks over in Europe always say Bush is a cowboy, and I agree, the only difference is that I think it is a good thing. Anyway, the point of this post, some of you may have heard of Bush's heroic actions towards his Secret Service. At some summit in Chile for something, Bush wehn into the summit but the Chilian security forces refused to let his Secret Service through, thinking they were just regular people for some reason, how you can thing tough looking guys and suits and shades can be anything other than the president's detail seems strange to me, but anyway, Bush did his cowboy thing along with his 'smirk' and literally pulled one of his detail out from the mob of crazy Chilian secuity, an exerpt from the Washington Post follows. A full article from ABC News can be found here.

Then Bush either realized he was missing something, or he heard the commotion. The president, who is rarely alone, even in his own house, turned and walked back to the front door unaccompanied, facing the backs of a sea of dark suits. Bush, with his right hand, reached over the suits and pointed insistently at Trotta. At first the officials, with their backs to him and their heads in the rumble, did not realize it was the president intervening. Bush then braced himself against someone and lunged to retrieve the agent, who was still arguing with the Chileans. The shocked Chilean officials then released Trotta.

Trotta walked in behind Bush, who looked enormously pleased with himself. He was wearing the expression that some critics call a smirk, and his eyebrows shot up as if to wink at bystanders.

Bush adjusted his right cufflink and muttered something to Lagos, took the first lady's arm and headed into the dinner of grilled fish.

The incident was played scores of times on satellite channels viewed around the summit. Conversations about it quickly overwhelmed talk of formal summit business, which is focused on such issues as development, trade and investment.

Chilean journalists were critical of Bush's actions. Marcelo Romero, a reporter with Santiago's newspaper La Cuarta, said: "All of us journalists agree that President Bush looked like a cowboy. It was total breach of protocol. I've seen a lot of John Wayne movies, and President Bush was definitely acting like a cowboy."
To go along with the article here is a video of the event, looks very cool. Go Bush!!!