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Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Deomcratic Underground

Maybe you have seen my link to the Democratic Underground under my Know Thy Enemy links section. You should visit it, it provides hours of entertainment and it shows how crazy certain people are (not that all democrats are crazy like that, I know quite a few really nice and polite democrats). The point is that when I was looking through all the rants and raves about "Bush is a Nazi", "Bush stole the election", and "moral values = bigotry" and rolling my eyes at the stupidness of it all I saw this.

Now other than the fact that Minnesota and Wisconsin (my two favorite states) could not get it togeather and vote for the right guy I would have no problem if the liberals all wanted to move to Canada or even add some land to Canada as long as they let us keep Minnesota and Wisconsin along with the rest of "Jesusland". As we have commented numerous times around the lunch table if the liberals promised to move to Canada, France, Ireland, etc and never come back we would pitch in money for their plane tickets, we might even be generous enough to buy them a few bottles of wine to celebrate their leaving. Relating to what I just said about the liberals leaving I found this poll deep in enemy territory.

I just want to get an idea of DUers who are seriously considering leaving the country now the Necons have solidified their control of the country?
Poll result (189 votes)
I AM OUTTA HERE! (35 votes, 19%)Vote
I AM STAYING! (61 votes, 32%)Vote
I DON'T KNOW YET. (93 votes, 49%)Vote

Alright, so we are really only losing 35 liberals for sure (unless they flip-waffle on us) but every little bit helps and those 93 undecided people could also end up leaving so....we possibly have more to gain. This second poll is for my southern buddies, and thank you for voting Bush, enjoy the laugh.

Will the Democrats ever win another national election without winning some South and border states?
Poll result (13 votes)
Yes (4 votes, 31%)Vote
No (9 votes, 69%)Vote

Of course these are just a small amount of people who all believe mostly the same things clicking their mice, but still, funny. Here is the link if you want to keep track of this poll. That was a rather long post, mostly because of the images, but mostly I was trying to say the Democratic Underground is funny and entertaining.

Here is a better version of the map earlier in the post. Turn Minnesota and Wisconsin awan from evil forst of course.