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Thursday, November 18, 2004

blogAclass: Comparative Religion - Islam (part 2)

Part 1

Had more class today, as maybe you could tell due to this post. Anyway, today, the life of Mohommad. Lets get started, if you don't like history skip this one, could be boring, lol.

Mohommad was born in Mecca in 750 AD with the birth name of Ubu'l Kassim. His parents died at an early age, his father before his birth and his mother at the age of 6. After this his grandfather takes care of him for a little while but later on, and for most of his childhood, he is in the care of his uncle, Abu Talib. Eventually he got a job as a camel driver, traveled much of the middle east, and was exposed to numerous religions, including Christianity. Eventually Mohommad was employed by a wealthy widow who owned the caravan service he worked for, they fell in love and had one daughter, Fatima.
After he married he dedicated his life to studying religion. Before Islam most muslims were polytheistic and at that time in the city of Mecca there were at least 350 shrines dedicated to various gods, one of them named Allah. Mohommad, after studying religion for a while decided that there was only one god, Allah. When Mohommad was 40 years of age he recieved a revelation through violent seziures and a vision from from the angel Gabriel, this was the first of the many visions he would have over the next 22 years. After this happened he went to his wife and shared what he had learned, his wife was his first convert, followed by his father-in-law.
Eventually the people of Mecca were displeased with Mohommad and forced him to flee to Medina(then called Yathaib). This night journey is called the hijrah in Arabic and is very important in the Islamic religion. A note of interest this event begins the Islamic calander (AH, in the year of the hijrah, that is 622AD on the Christian calander). After Mohommad's flight to Medina he becomes a religious and political leader and eventually becomes ruler of Medina. Rather unhappy with Mecca for his forced removal of him he wages war on the city, captures it and precedes to conquer all of Saudi Arabia, which he does by 10AH or 632AD.

Thats it for this class, more later.