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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

blogAclass: Comparative Religion - Islam

Hey people, gonna start a blogAclass series here. From now to December 7th or so my Comparative Religion class is studying Islam. Before I dig into my notes and handouts and share what I have learned I ave something for you to take note of. NOTE: This class is taught from a Christian perspective, please keep that in mind.

Historically Islam is the newest world religion, Islam is monotheistic, and also is the second largest and fasted growing religion.

Followers of Islam 2002 Stats

Africa 330,000,000
Asia 860,000,000
Europe 32,000,000 Europe has a growing Islamic culture, especially Germany
Latin America 1,732,000
N. America 4,587,000
Oceania 313,000
Total 1,238,632,000

Some of the words commonly used when discussing Islam can be spelled slightly differently, the word in the left column is how Westerners would generally spell it, and the right column is how it would generally be spelled by a Muslim (assuming they were writing in english of course).

Key Islamic Words

Medina Madinah
Mecca Makah
Mohammed Muhammad
Moslem Muslim
Koran Quran
Surah Sura

The word salam, which means peace in Arabic, is also the base for the word Islam. I mention this because to follow the religion of Islam is to obtain peace through surrender to the will of Allah.

Christianity and Islam have always clashed, the events of the modern world are nothing new. Within 100 years after Mohommad's death Islam had conqured all of the Middle East, North Africa, Israel, Spain, and Turkey.

Dates of the Crusades

1st Crusade 1095AD-1099AD
2nd Crusade 1147AD-1148AD
3rd Crusade 1189AD-1192AD
4th Crusade 1202AD-1204AD

In the 1500's Islam was knocking on the door of Germany and Martin Luther had something to say on the subject and along with writings on the subject he wrote the hymn "Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in Thy Word."(more on that in a later post, lol, good way to keep you coming back, yes?)

Anyway, more next class.